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Datwendo Cloud Connector

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Cloud Connector

Our Cloud Connector is pure Software as a Service (Saas).
Any Server, any Application, any Mobile, any Tablet, any PC may call it.

  • With optional output level
  • With optional security layer
  • With optional SLA level
  • With optional Cloud Storage

Call our connector when some data to share are generated by a Cloud Application.
It will answer with an index allowing Cloud Independent Indexing.
You may also register some addresses to be notified about this new value.
This service allows managing your publishers and subscribers.

Cloud Storage

This is an ideal option because Cloud Storage is so cheap today.
With our Data Storage option, just send the text page you have created and we will store it.
You have then the option to read it as often as you want, optional update on demand.
Suppose you want to send some bigger object as video or large files, use our Blob Storage option.


Independent of Cloud

Our Service is based on Standard and Open Technologies: you need just to be able to send a REST service call and read the result.

Independent of Saas Application Provider

Today all Saas Applications need to communicate with their customers and they use REST for this.
Some of them provide facilities to do this and for the others we provide a full help on-line.
We will provide plugins for all main applications in dedicated Github Repositories with New BSD License, this is a work in progress.

Accessible from On Premise Applications, Mobile Clients, Tablets, etc.

Provided you have internet access, it's OK.
Your mobile clients will generate data already inserted in the Information System,
no need for post processing synchronization.

Pricing samples

Cloud Connector

$ 11.19 /month

100 Calls each day

1 Geo Localization

No Storage Space



$ 9.79 /month

5 Publishers

10 Subscribers

No Storage

Connector Option


Data Storage

$ 12.59/month

10 MB storage Space

4 K Max Message length

Connector Option 


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